Ali's Story

Read Carefully:


            Ali is a friend of mine. After he failed to set up a small business, he decided to travel abroad to look for a job. His mother objected and so did his father. As soon as he had got a three-month visa to France, he went to Paris where he thought he could easily be employed. When he arrived there he realized that finding a job is not as easy as he used to think. He spent more than a month looking for a job but in vain. During that period he suffered hunger and insecurity. One day he met up with a French gentleman who asked him to work for him. Ali didn't hesitate one second to seize the opportunity. He didnít respect the visa deadline. Two years later while he was driving the boss to work, the police stopped him and arrested him. A week after that, Ali came back home empty handed. He told me that he had only spared two good long years of his life.

  1. Choose the correct answer from the list
    1. What did Ali decide to do?

    2. Who didn't agree with him?

    3. Did he get a job soon after he arrived in Paris?

    4. What job did he do?

    5. What does "him" refer to in the text?